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“The biggest thing that I valued working with these guys is transparency. When they say they’re going to do something they do it. You don’t get the overpromise under deliver.”

“It’s been a drastic difference working with them versus some of the other folks we’ve worked with in the past. They are very thorough. So, working with these guys has saved us a ton of time, a ton of money.”

“These guys hands down have been the best that I’ve worked with. What I found that really makes these guys different is they have a real Hands-On approach. You know, rather than a lot of communication breakdowns and just missing information, in whatever case that may be, these guys are always there. They keep good communication and you really have a day-to-day update on what’s really happening on the development side, which is important.”

“We came to them at a time where we were in a little bit of a crisis mode and we needed some help, and we needed people that knew what they were doing. Literally, over the course of a weekend, they were able to come in, ascertain what the issues were, and made a commitment to us. Based upon my experience, I would wholeheartedly recommend Hidden Mountain Data to anyone looking for top-notch computer expertise and services.”

“One thing that we were really impressed with on the project that we worked with on Hidden Mountain Data is they gave us a timeline and the deliverables, and they hit those timelines every time. That was the biggest win for us and what impressed us immensely. They had used that technology before and knew exactly how it worked and were able to apply that timeline in an accurate fashion. In the end, because of that, they walked us through the ins and outs of it, and we knew exactly what to expect.”